A Wife For Christmas by Dakota Carson



ISBN: 1-55410-831-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Dusty Lucas is new in town and has been hired to determine where a large sum of money has gone from a local company.  When he finds that Mandy’s late father seems to be the one responsible, he is disappointed as Mandy is the first woman to pique his interest since his wife passed away.  Mandy insists this could not be possible but she also has no proof.  She is currently working as a fill in elementary school teacher and even has Dusty’s children in her class, whom she thinks are adorable.  Her life would be better if she could figure out a way to get Dusty on her side and help her prove her father’s innocence.  While this doesn’t happen, she is drawn to Dusty and his children. 

When the opportunity arises and he sees that Mandy is the perfect woman to help him raise his children, as she will love them as her own, he devises a scheme to make it happen.

A Wife For Christmas started out as a fast and funny story about two people who are prefect for each other, but can’t seem to tell each other this fact.  Then it turned into a bit of a predictable love story that I felt made the characters less likeable.  But, overall the story is a great heartfelt tale for the holiday season.  I enjoyed Mandy’s interactions with the children and especially with Dusty but I did find that she seemed to “not live up to her earlier character” when she didn’t discuss things with Dusty she thought about and he didn’t stand up for her until late in the story.  That being said, overall A Wife For Christmas was still a fun and heart warming holiday tale.


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