A Warrior’s Hope by Sabrina Luna


Gay, Historical (Egypt)


Reviewed by Raine




A Warrior’s Hope is set in 1332 B.C. Egypt, in the time before the young Tut became king and other family ran his dynasty. Thabit, a sworn Amun-Ra warrior and protector to Tut, spends one last evening with his beloved before he leaves on orders of the Pharaoh to secure the borders of Egypt. Thabit knows not if he’ll accomplish his mission or see his lover again, he can only hope.

A Warriors Hope is a sweet, hopeful story set in a time when men hid their true feelings. I loved the Egyptian setting and the feelings Sabrina Luna portrayed in this story. A Warrior’s Hope will warm your heart in the brief time you are submerged in it and Thabit make your nerve endings sizzle as he spends what could be his last evening with his lover.


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