Awakening by Terry O'Reilly

Aspen Mountain Press

M/M Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60168-156-0

Reviewed by Ley



Lust for another man went against the spiritual upbringing of Jonathon Carver, a young Puritan schoolteacher living in Colonial America.  When he meets indentured servant Nathaniel Morgan, Jonathon gives into his longing to be with Nathaniel even though the consequences for their actions were grave.

Although he was engaged to Rebecca, Jonathon continued his clandestine affair with Nathaniel.  As their relationship become more than just physical Jonathan and Nathaniel try desperately to find a way to be together in a Colonial American society.

Awakening was very interesting and intriguing.  The author Terry OíReillyís writing style was very true to the time period. The development of the story may not have gone in the direction my hopeless romantic side would have like but the direction the author took was understandable.  The characters were likable, even Rebecca the person who stood in the way of Jonathon and Nathanielís chance at happiness. I enjoyed this story a lot and thought the Afterward the author included was perfect.  I was left wondering if that was a factual insight into Mr. OíReillyís life. Awakening was a great story and even diehard romantics like myself who didnít get the story they were hoping for canít deny that what Awakening did offer made the story well worth reading.  I canít wait for the sequel.


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