A Soldier’s Oath by Debra Webb

The Colby Agency: The Equalizers, Book 26

Harlequin Intrigue


ISBN-13: 978-0-373-15073-1

ISBN-10: 0-373-15073-3

Reviewed by Emma




Willow Harris is living every mother’s nightmare. Even though she has custody in America, her son is with his father in Kuwait and Kuwait has refused to abide by the court order. She has not seen son for eight months. Missing his second birthday tore her apart. All she knows is she will do whatever it takes to get him back. WHATEVER it takes.

Spencer Anders was forced out of the military. Labeled a traitor, he has spent the last two years surviving, not living, just surviving. Jim Colby offers him a position with his new private investigation agency, The Equalizers, and he accepts the position. A second chance he is not sure of.

Ms. Webb does it yet again. A Soldier’s Oath is the first of the Equalizers offshoot of the Colby Agency books. Ms. Webb has once again done her research and added plenty of detail in her writing of a lush, suspenseful tale of a mother’s desperate search for ways to get her child back. As with every book of The Colby’s I have read, I am impressed by Ms. Webb’s ability to draw the reader in and keep the flow of the story suspenseful. Ms. Webb is an author who grows with every book she writes.


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