A Man of Her Own by Jan Scarbrough

Resplendence Publishing


ISBN: 21-200-101-419-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Sarah is a romantic at heart and knows her soul mate is out there somewhere.  She may be a virgin and even if her girlfriends are sure that she will have “to kiss a lot of toads” if she is determined to find her prince charming.  Through an interesting twist of fate one of the men she kisses is Lane Williams, who has more than a slight aversion to settling down.  But, after one kiss Sarah can’t get him off her mind.  On the other side Lane can’t forget the sexy woman from the bar, though he is determined that all he needs to do is sleep with her to get her out of his system.

When the two wind up working together for a charity, each starts to compromise on their beliefs and maybe they will be able to meet in the middle.  Especially if that middle will take them the distance to a long term romance, and maybe even the happily ever after that Sarah is looking for.  But, will Lane ruin it all with his stubbornness?

A Man of Her Own is a lighthearted tale of how “there is a plan for everything” as some people like to say.  From the chance encounter of Lane and spunky and shy Sarah to how Lane is connected to Sarah’s Aunt.  The setting of Louisville, KY with horse racing as a background made the leap into different society functions easy to follow.  I liked the overall premise of A Man of Her Own but in many ways I was annoyed with Lane and how he handled interactions with Sarah but, many others will better understand the “conflicting emotions” that he is dealing with and not be bothered.  Either way I think A Man of Her Own was a sexy brief foray into Kentucky horse racing society.


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