A Family Secret by Cassidy Ryan

Torquere Press

ISBN 978-1-60370-573-8

Erotic M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Nannette



Sebastian and Roan are as tight as brothers. They have always had a special relationship but last year they became so much more. Keeping their relationship a secret is hard but they have no choice. Spending a weekend over the holidays with family is difficult and proves to be an eye opening experience when secrets are revealed that may drive them apart.

A Family Secret is a perfect story. The portrayal of Roan and Sebastianís relationship is realistic, touching, and incredibly sexy. Roan and Sebastian were made for each other. They are loving, passionate, and completely into each other. Itís beautiful. I was torn between relief and worry for Roan at the end.  A Family Secret feels like a novel even though itís a short story.  Itís well written and captivating.


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