A Crown For the Fairy Queen by Daisy Banks

New Concepts

Fantasy Romance

Reviewed by Chris



Oberon and Titania are lord and lady of the fairy colony that resides in the backyard of a mortal familyís home. When news of King Panís future visit reaches them, Titania insists on owning an exquisite crown to impress the King and Queen. In steps Puck, a mischievous fairy who enters the mortalsí house and steals the womanís wedding ring, a perfectly sized crown for the fairies.

Laura and Neil, mortals, own the property on which the fairy court resides. Their marriage, like most things untended, is rapidly dissolving. Lauraís ring vanishing is the last straw.

A For Sale sign staked in the yard is enough to spur Lord Oberon into action. Can he remind the humans of the times they loved and laughed? And will it be enough to keep them from selling the property?

A Crown for the Fairy Queen is a very slow-paced short story with a poorly executed but solid plot. The scenes can be divided into three areas: Laura moping, Neil moping, fairies having sex. While I absolutely adored fairyland and its descriptions (even the very self-absorbed Titania), I had a hard time feeling any sympathy for the humans. Cooking casseroles and letting oneself go is not a way to catch and keep a husbandís eye. On Neilís side, working a zillion hours and retreating to the computerís comforting inhumanity when home, isnít very endearing either. The story ends with the two humans reunited, but for how long?


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