A Cowboy's Charm by Brandi Michaels

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419916427

Reviewed by Tanya



Rylan (Callie’s Aunt’s step-son) and Callie were in love and lovers when they were younger.  But when Callie’s father, unbeknownst to her, does not approve of Rylan’s desire to marry her after she graduates, things end on a disastrous night.  After this disaster Callie goes off to college and does not come home to the ranch, even for visits.  When she suddenly agrees to help after her aunt is injured, no one is really ready for the fireworks that erupt.

Rylan and Callie both realize quickly that their desires and passion have not diminished with time or distance.  While Callie is ready to forgive and forget and wants Rylan in her life as she moves forward, can Rylan forgive her?

I found after finishing A Cowboy’s Charm that I had mixed feelings.  While it had a happy ending and the main characters finally made it past their differences, I was annoyed with Rylan, and that stuck with me.  I though he was mean and spiteful to Callie, and in many cases I thought Callie was being a doormat and not sticking up for herself.  So while it is a romance with a happy ending I was a bit frustrated at how it got there and that deterred from the overall enjoyment I might have had with A Cowboy’s Charm.  This does not deter me from reading other stories by Brandi Michaels, and in fact would love to read Rylan’s brothers stories.


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