Absolute Trust by Kaenar Langford

Prime Prey, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic, Ménage

ISBN: 9781419919152

Reviewed by Jo




Micah would love to have the same type of relationship that his captain has with his mates but the only person who has even made him think of sex lately is way too young for him—at least in his opinion.  Besides, would he even like having sex with a man anyway?  Micah also wonders about giving that type of trust to someone else.

Layla knows that she is supposed to be with Micah and she is tired of trying to get his attention.  After one mind-blowing night of sex, she has to go after him—one last try to show Micah what he is ignoring.  Layla has also seen their third member but she has no idea who he is, just that they will meet him soon.

Micah is sent out on a mission to protect Prince Denyan.  This mission is eye-opening, to say the least, when Layla shows up determined to seduce him, among other things.  Nothing seems to go right and now that Micah has finally accepted he has soul mates, will he lose one of them because of his assignment? 

When you have three determined people, all of whom believe they know what they want, what happens?  Absolute Trust shows what happens.  Layla knows who one of her soul mates is and she has seen the other, now to get Micah to admit it.  Micah knows he is too old and has seen too much to belong to Layla.  Prince Denyan chose long ago to live his own life and not follow his royal father’s dictates.   I was cheering on Layla in the downfall of Micah and later when Prince Denyan came into the picture, the picture got very hot and erotic, quickly.  Absolute Trust is a fun and erotic look at the lives of bounty hunters on a starship.  

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