Ace Is Wild by Penny McCall

Berkley Sensation

Action Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-425-22298-0

Reviewed by Ley




Itís bad enough that Federal prosecutor Daniel Pierce agreed to be a part of a charity bachelor auction but things get really crazy when a psychic tries to convince him heís in danger of an assassination.  Being held at gunpoint by a woman claiming to want to save him is definitely not how he expected the night to go.

Vivi Foster is used to people doubting her psychic abilities especially lawyers and police but she knew her visions of Daniel Pierce could not be ignored.  Taking matters into her own hands, Vivi does the only thing she could think of to save Danielís life, she kidnapped him.

Ace Is Wild was a fun and sometimes intense read and I absolutely adored it.  Daniel and Vivi are explosive together and their clashing heightens the storyís entertainment.  I loved them as a team.  They made great partners.  The romance is an added bonus but I still think I would have enjoyed the story without it.  The suspense was okay, even though I figured who the culprit was early on in the story it didnít hinder the entertainment factor.  I also like the fact that itís based in my hometown. I couldnít help but smile at the mention of very familiar places.  Readers looking for a fun and entertaining story, Ace Is Wild is it.


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