Wild Within by Mima
A Bonded Fantasy, Book 2
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-402-5
Reviewed by Indy



As long as she can remember KyRa and Rylan have been each otherís shadow. Keeping each other as safe as possible while living in a cesspool called the Dark. A place where the worst of human nature has become the norm and stealing and cheating to survive is as natural as breathing. So that is why Rylanís abandonment almost destroys KyRa, but she learns to survive it and move on. Her acceptance doesnít keep her from being at his side when he falls sick. Knowing only she can save him as fortold in her youth, KyRa is ready to die for him and soon she will have to decide if she is ready to live for him and leave herself vulnerable like never before.

I have to admit in the beginning of Wild Within I was confused to a point of semi-frustration. There was so much happening in this world of sub-humans and beast clans that I wondered if I would ever find enjoyment in the story. After KyRa and Rylan left the Dark to go to the beasts, the clan of beings he belonged to, then the world Mima designed for her readers finally became apparent. The brilliance in this world of shifters, the intricate way they lived and loved made for a story that was actually pretty mind blowing.  KyRa and Rylanís relationship isnít a pretty one; itís rife with extreme situations to overcome from the darkness of the world they lived in to sexual assault which seemed the norm among humans. This is the second story in the Bonded Fantasy series so I would suggest you do the opposite of what I did and start from the beginning. If you donít, hopefully once you get past all the world knowledge and history of KyRa and Rylanís connection you will finish anticipating the next installment of a world that is refreshingly innovative and one I hope Mima continues to explore.


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