Undercover by Terri Carnis
New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN 978-1-60394-097-9
Reviewed by Indy



One incident in a life can change your path forever. For undercover agent Kylaís moment came with the murder of her beloved sister. Dedicating her life to fight the scum murdering young women, she was devastated to learn FBI agent Nick DeStassio mislead her about his knowledge of her past. A chance comes for her to help save some kidnapped women before they wind up dead like their predecessors but it will mean working with Nick. Working on a job with little to no backup and with the knowledge that the man she distrusts is the one she will have to depend on if she wants to come out alive.

As a woman with a soft spot of lust for the men in blue, any story highlighting them has my attention from the start. Iíve always wondered how above the line undercover work can be when infiltrating criminal networks. I was glad to see Undercover didnít gloss over the need to cross the line when trying to bring down the bad guy. Plus the emotional connection between Nick and Kyla was interesting with his occasional vulnerability and her harden edge. Terri Carnis took a couple chances with her storyline but that just made it exciting and added a measure of suspense. I will keep an eye out for any future efforts as I hope she will continue to add the realism sadly lacking in a lot of contemporary pieces.


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