The Devil’s Temptation by Kimberly Logan
Daventry Sisters series, Book 2
Avon Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: (13): 978-0-06-123919-9; (10): 0-06-123919-4
Reviewed by Sabella



Lady Maura Daventry is set on righting the wrongs committed against her mother to soothe her own conscience and to show the London ton that her mother was not who they thought she was.  For this Maura has braved the snide comments and the snickers aimed her way, but now that she has finally narrowed the search for her mother’s killer down to three men, Maura will do anything to find the answers she seeks.  So even though the same men who shun Maura in the ballrooms pursue her outside of them believing that Maura must have the same loose morals the entire ton assumes her mother had, Maura won’t let this deter her from her search—not even the son of the supposed killer, the current Lord Hawksley.

Lord Gabriel Sutcliffe, the Earl of Hawksley, has spent the last couple of years living down to the ton’s expectations of him.  After all, Gabriel’s father was a drunkard, a whoremonger and a murderer—his son is most likely following in his footsteps, right?  However, when Gabriel meets Maura, he feels an inexplicable attraction for her and the need to shelter her form the sharp tongues of the ton.  But the more he follows her, the more Gabriel discovers that there is more to Lady Maura than meets the eye—dangerous things…

The Devil’s Temptation is a fun regency romp that is more about the romance and the risks of adventure that the actual mystery.  Maura is a strong female character who is not unafraid of societal censure, but doesn’t let that stop her in her pursuit of truth.  Gabriel is the typical “bad boy” who has a golden heart under it all.  Maura was at times a little exasperating with her secrecy and insistence on sharing with no one her quest for a murderer—even when it becomes clear that she is in over her head.  Gabriel, on the other hand, is amusing with his denial of his feelings for Maura—even if these feelings do seem to grow during a time not included in the narration of the book.  While the plot of The Devil’s Temptation is not incredibly original, Ms. Logan does a good job of making the journey that Maura and Gabriel take towards each other interesting and fun.  Pick up The Devil’s Temptation for an entertaining read that will keep you amused.


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