Tease by Nathalie Gray
Gentlemen Inc, Book 1
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419911996
Reviewed by Indy



Constable Joan Blair is well known for her brushes with disaster. Tripping over her own feet has become a task she’s well suited for. Coming up with an idea to go undercover to catch a crime boss known for preying on young teenage girls wouldn’t be so bad, if the case wasn’t hinging on her ability to learn how to strip and bring men to their knees in seven days time. Archer is a maestro when it comes to teaching women how to work a pole. Normally suave and debonair when it comes to his students, he can’t believe how unbelievably hot Joan is or how much she makes him think of old hurts and future hopes. Together these two have less than a week to make sure Joan gets her villain while they both learn to deal with their escalating emotions and Archer’s not so innocent past.

As a fan of Nathalie Gray’s work, I tend to know prior to reading the first page that I will love her stories. Tease, her endeavor into the contemporary realm was different from what I normally expect but still had traces of the quirky style I’ve come to love. Constable Joan Blair is everything but coordinated as she makes being less than graceful into its own art form. Her studly trainer Archer, who has known more women than the average gynecologist in a career spanning a couple of decades, is cocky, vain yet still vulnerable. This is how Tease turned from a book I couldn’t quite grasp into one I couldn’t put down. Watching two complete opposites, both with their own set of weaknesses, come together in an inferno of lust that evolved into unyielding love was sweet and sexy to experience.  In a story with some of the weirdest internal dialogue you will ever enjoy, Nathalie Gray begins a new series where only real gentlemen get the woman in the end.


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