Stand and Deliver by Leda Swann
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419912115
Reviewed by Indy



While working at her fatherís inn, Bess is propositioned by more drifters and ďloose-footĒ men than she can keep count of, and has turned them all down. A knock on the door one night changes all that when Jack Hall, an infamous highwayman comes to their inn for shelter. In one evening Jack tears through her boundaries and makes her his woman in mind, body and soul. Jealousy rears its ugly head as a would-be suitor decides the only way to get Bess back is to turn Jack in so the field for her affections can finally be cleared.

Iím such a sucker for historicals! Iím not sure if it is the desire for a time where men were men, where the lines of good and evil were somewhat blurred. A criminal could be a better friend than the local lawman. In Stand and Deliver, Jack Hall is the kind of man Iím sure I would fall for. Yes, heís robbing and stealing but deep down he has a good heart and wants to eventually become a man who would make his family proud. Leda Swann created just the right woman for him when she designed Bess: pretty, full of spirit and loyal. Ms. Swan created a couple who were fun to read about, and whose adventure to become one was exciting and filled with danger. Iím sure readers who love a little spice in their historicals will find that this story just the right fit.


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