Rules of Engagement by Loribelle Hunt
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60088-192-3
Reviewed by Indy



Been there, done that was Janeyís model when it came to overbearing men who lived for control. As a military policewoman she was surrounded by testosterone filled men she made sure to stay clear of. Things change when she meets Jake, a domineering officer who sends her body into overdrive. As much as her body is ruled by lust at the site of him, her mind remembers her ex and the hassle that comes from a man too controlling. These two soldiers have a long rode ahead of them if they can finally find a middle ground that will work for them both.

I think Iím kindred spirits with Janey, turned on by the rough and controlling men but wanting balance. Rules of Engagement is a story of two individuals coming together trying to determine how two opposing personalities can make it. Lust and love are the foundation from which they have to build. Slow and steady is the pace Loribelle Hunt uses after their initial explosive encounter which sets the stage for a love minor that is unbreakable. Iím interested in reading some additional books from this author and look forward to any future efforts.


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