Lords of the Sea by Kaitlyn O'Connor
Children of Andromeda
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60394-045-0
Reviewed by Dee Valentine



Cassie couldnít believe her date could get much worse.  She was so far out to sea, land was no longer visible and her date Mark wasnít doing much to gain favor in her eyes. Cassieís only wish was to go home, but instead the day got far worse than anyone could have expected.  A freak storm rolls in and kills the control panel and looks like itís even managed to stop time.  What is going on??  Not wanting to be left alone Cassie follows the diving group into the water only to see what looks like a merman? But mermen donít exist right?  Atlantis was just a story right???  Whatís a girl to do when suddenly everything she thought was true gets washed away all with the flip of one stunningly handsome mermanís tail??  Why hold her breath and hang on for the ride!

Raen couldnít believe his eyes when he sees the invaders entering the city.  His home, once beautiful, is now in ruins.  The intruders will only cause more problems.  Raenís first instinct is to protect his home until he is distracted by one of the enemies struggling for air. Giving Cassie a life saving breath Raen doesnít realize in that instant things will never be the same for him. Now he finds that he is falling in love with one of the beings that heís always considered an enemy and at the same time struggling with the desire to do all he can to restore Atlantis to itís former glory.

Lords of the Sea captured my attention from the start and held on to it.  Ms. OíConnor does a wonderful job bringing to life a story we are all familiar with but giving it a steamy, erotic twist with just enough action to keep me wondering what will happen next.  I found myself hoping that Cassie and Raen would be able to overcome all the barriers that were in their way so that they could be together. When the two did get together??? Oy! Talk about hot stuff. The sensuality and sexiness of this couple had me slack jawed at moments.  Theirs was not an easily developed relationship but reading it grow I couldnít help but wonder how It would all work out.  Of course Iím not telling, but itís well worth the read!

As with all of Ms. OíConnorís books, Lords of the Sea is one to read if you enjoy futuristic stories with hot sex and action.  I look forward to reading whatever Ms. OíConnor pens next!


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