Leather and Lace by Taylor Tryst
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419912511
Reviewed by Gracie



Cleo Tanek is a private investigator and she has been hired by a very secretive client to gather all the information she can on Lukas Lace.  Cleo is a former police detective and she knows how to do her job well.  There is just something about Lukas that draws Cleo to him.

Lukas Nathaniel Lace is the CEO for Lace Industries.  Lukas always does the right thing and looks out for the best interests of his family—even above his own needs.  Lukas is never impulsive until he decides to approach the very sexy lady that he sees sitting across the restaurant from him.

Cleo cannot believe when she looks up and sees Lukas walking toward her.  The man just calls to her on a purely physical level, but she needs to resist him as she is working and he is the target.  Lukas is drawn to Cleo and he just cannot let her out of his sight until he learns more about her.  Cleo and Lukas hit it off instantly and there just seems to something between them.  Things begin to quickly spin out of control for Cleo and Lukas.  Cleo is torn between her job responsibilities and her feelings for Lukas.  Lukas cannot get Cleo out of his mind and he cannot even focus on his work.  It quickly becomes obvious someone wants Lukas dead and Cleo is determined to find out who.  Will Cleo be able to save Lukas and mend their relationship?

I loved Leather and Lace!  Cleo has always taken her career seriously and does not mix business with pleasure until she is given her current job.  Lukas always does the right thing, but Cleo seems to bring out a different side of him and he wants to find some pleasure for himself.  Taylor Tryst writes a fast paced story filled with sexy appealing characters and very sexy love scenes which adds up to a very great read!  Leather and Lace is hot, hot, hot!!!


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