Keeping Faith by R.E. Matheson
Mystic Riders, Book 1
Cerridwen Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9781419910814
Reviewed by Indy



Leaving behind her family and all that she held dear, Valerie, a small town bookkeeper in a witness protection program, is shocked to her core when Alex Naumov arrives at her doorstep. Alex is a detective whose is the epitome of gallantry. Courteous to a fault, he knows what it will take to keep his latest client safe. Heís been sent to get Valerie to safety after it has been determined that a man she put behind bars five years ago wants her dead. Valerie doesnít want to leave the home sheís created for herself. Having lost too much before, sheís not quite ready to accept that her life is actually in danger. Someone from her past, however, wonít rest until heís finally severed Faith, once and for all.

Iím always boggled that a story is placed in the suspense genre even though the reader is aware pretty early on who the killer is. In Keeping Faith, Valerie and Alex are on a journey of personal growth as they both try to keep her alive. Alex, the no nonsense detective who believes in playing by the book, and Valerie, who seems to be gradually losing hope that she will ever be the woman she was before this nightmare began. R.E. Matheson wrote an intriguing story but one I have to admit was a little slow for my tastes. With that said I was impressed at the development of the relationship and the emotions the characters shared. The story really set a tone of love, understanding and acceptance. I look forward to Ms. Mathesonís next book because Keeping Faith was still a solid story and one Iím sure many readers will enjoy.


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