Impure Longings by Larissa Lyons
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419911934
Reviewed by Indy



Widowed and barely surviving, Dorothea Harper has made the decision to become a paramour. With the help of her friend she is introduced to Lord Tremayne, a decent man of wealth.  As Dorothea and Daniel slowly get to know each otherís bodies Thea begins to crave more than his late night visits. His gentle touches make her wonder what he would be like out of the bedroom, if he could ever really want her, or will just any woman do. Dorothea needs to decide whatís more important, her security or her heart.

Regency style historicals always seem to have a touch of whimsy that other stories can never match. In Impure Longings, no matter how sensual or heated Dorothea and Daniel became there was always tenderness with each stroke or glance. The tale is pure romance; no matter how the lovers have come together their affections are immediate and lasting. Larissa Lyons did a great job on the happily ever after theme, you have the pseudo villain, the white knight and the damsel in distress who needs saving. A sweet romance would be remiss with out these parts but I can assure historical lovers that want substance not just lust will be pleased with Ms. Lyons efforts in making this story an enjoyable one.


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