Immortal Curse by Michele Bardsley
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419912535
Reviewed by Gracie



Centuries ago, three men who were as close as brothers found themselves damned to live their lives as pleasure seekers.  One night changed all their lives including the friendship and bond they shared.  They not only were separated from humanity as they knew it, but from each other.

Alrek does not enjoy the life he has and realizes he has lost the person he was.  He answers a call from a beautiful woman, Charron, who is so overcome by the loss of one of her loved ones she just wants to die.  Alrek knows that this is all he can give her, but there is something different about her and the way she makes him feel.  Charron begins to realize that she may actually want to live and surprisingly, Alrek leaves her with her life.  The only problem is he can never physically see her again for fear that he will take her life.

Ulfr has lived his centuries in a cave where he receives sacrifices to keep the nearby village safe.  The village decides to give Ulfr an exceptional gift in Roja.  He is drawn to Roja, but she is so young and he accepts her, but does not want her until she is older.  Ulfr cannot believe the feelings this woman has inspired in him, but will he be able to give her what she really wants and needs—her freedom?

Thorr was the only one of the three who was able to maintain his hope and faith through the centuries.  Everything changes when the woman he thinks is his salvation ends up not being what he expected.  He becomes a hopeless shell of himself and cannot imagine anything worth continuing for.  Then, Thorr saves Mia and everything changes.  Will she be his true salvation?

Immortal Curse is a great read and shows that salvation often comes when we least expect or want it.  Alrek, Ulfr, and Thorr accepted their curse as they felt they were partly responsible.  They have spent the years realizing they can never have the basic pleasures of their human lives again.  The women that were chosen for them are strong, kind, and good and they have the strength and desire to save their damned men.  Immortal Curse is definitely worth reading and Michele Bardsley knows how to write!!


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