Hidden Urges by Dawn Ryder
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419913570
Reviewed by Indy



Holding on to her innocence wasnít because of some moons and stars dreams of a white knight, but the realization that Jane needed a man who could connect with her deepest desires. A man who can see that vanilla loving would leave her bored, and men who grovel would be nothing but grime on the heel of her shoes. When a friend extends a special invitation to a private event for connoisseurs of the BDSM lifestyle Jane decides to take a chance. Sure it will be another wasted evening but hoping for much more she wasnít prepared for Trenton. The host of the eveningís event, Trenton is a man in search of someone special. He knows at first glance that Jane is just what heís been looking for. If she can get past her personal hang-ups and become honest about her true needs they could become the perfect blend of domination and submission. Jane will have to come to terms with what she wants from a relationship because Trenton will accept nothing less from the sub he plans to call his own.

In a world of political correction run amuck, being honest with ones intimate needs can sometimes be the hardest issue to deal with. Hidden Urges is a situation Iím sure played out all over the world. Jane isnít quite sure what she needs and scared to take a chance. I must admit to falling in love with Trenton, masterful doesnít even begin to describe a man so self assured, who demands the best a woman can give and refuses to accept anything less. Dawn Ryderís latest story is just another addition to her group of books about the BDSM world that continue to fascinate and highlight her talent for the written world. I look forward to what Ms. Ryder has in store for her fans next because Iím sure it will be as hot and heavy as her current offering. 


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