Edge of Sanity Book 5 by Jenna Byrnes
Freya’s Bower
Reviewed by Indy



The investigation has finally come to a head when Joss is left unconscious and in the intensive care. Jake has to work against time to find out what and who poisoned the woman he’s come to love in order to help her. An unexpected visitor and leads falling into place finally unravels the mystery of the “haunted mansion” and Joss’ frenzied behavior.  Now all that’s left is to bring things to a head and ensure everyone involved pays for the attack on Joss.

The culmination of a series filled with intrigue and a blossoming love, the Edge of Sanity Book 5 molds together all its predecessors into one climatic ending. I have to admit to being shocked at how this story played out. I would never have guessed all the players involved in the attack on Joss. Jenna Byrnes did a great job turning this group of books into a story that will leave readers with a smile on their face and with the rush of solving a good puzzle. This was a great journey for me as a reader and I look forward to reading additional stories from this talented author.


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