Edge of Sanity Book 4 by Jenna Byrnes
Freya’s Bower
Reviewed by Indy



A visit by Jake to the lawyer responsible for overseeing Joss’ father’s has alarm bells going off when the lawyer says all the right things but there seems to be something not quite right. Additional clues, and an eye for detail, leads Jake to set up a sting which finally nets some solid evidence that all is not right in Joss’ home. As things with Jake’s investigation ramp up so does his involvement with Joss, from the thoughts of a permanent future together to a near miss that really brings to light how deeply he cares for a woman who may be one step away from a mental hospital.

A shady lawyer, mind shattering noises and Joss’ erratic behavior continues in the latest book in the Edge of Sanity serial. Book 4 really starts off with some heavy investigative work by Jack but soon heats up as Joss and Jake take another important step in solidifying their growing connection. As I continue to enjoy this story Jenna Byrnes is crafting for her readers, I’m coming to the slow realization that I like all of my story given to me at once, waiting for the next installment was different and interesting at first but as the story progresses I find I want to continue immediately not wait for another book. Still a great job, but my suggestion for anyone interested in picking up this intriguing story is to grab all the chapters at once if possible.


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