Devlinís Desire by Sapphire Blue
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419913198
Reviewed by Indy



Devlin Decatur is living every manís dream, handsome, rich and never lacking for female companionship heís easily able to ignore his true heritage. Born from the relationship of a human man and a half breed shifter Devlin has been raised as a human and is more than happy with his current place in life. When a woman whose body calls to his animal side appears on Halloween, Devlin is unable to fight the attraction that calls to the animal in him. Gabriella Kincaid is willing to do a lot for her people, even share her body if thatís what it will take to entice Devlin back to their homeland where his people need him. On the brink of being destroyed by an outsider Devlin is the only person who stands between their tribeís total annihilation. 

Sometimes it takes nothing but a touch, look or sniff for two people to know they are destined. Then others, like Devlin, need a little more reassurance before heís able to accept that the woman who curls more than his tail is the mate he never knew he needed. Devlinís Desire is full of explosive sexual heat, and a man who canít outrun his true nature to protect what is his, even if he spent his life denying it. I was surprised but impressed with Sapphire Blueís willingness to make her heroine a woman who used her body as an acquisition tool. Ms. Blue made sure she gave readers exciting thrills, plenty of action and a story where the good guy finally came home.


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