Delicious Darkness by KyAnn Waters
The Wild Rose Press
Erotic Paranormal
Reviewed by Indy



An empath filled with light Audra Quinn knows a man of the dark is in her future. Sheís knows when Dorian Hunt, a fugitive from the dark, walks into her store that he is the man of her dreams, one with whom she will become one. Dorian thinks he can seduce Audra like the women of light heís used as a power source in the past. Audra may be all that is good but she is also a woman who knows what she wants. The sharing of her body is all that she will give Dorian until he can come to terms with what she already knows is in his heart. With a band of bounty hunters coming for Dorian and Audraís life at stake there isnít much time for the man of darkness to come to the realization that his woman of light is not as fragile as he thinks.

In a story where the plot of good and evil, dark and light, is retold in an erotic format, Delicious Darkness weaves the tale of Dorian and Audra. Extreme opposites who compliment each other and make one another complete when in sync. Having recently read a different book by KyAnn Waters, I must admit to being excited about how this story would play out. As a novella, it didnít take long for me to see that the development of the characters in a way that was fulfilling to me as a reader wasnít going to happen. Since I know Ms. Waters is a great writer Iím thinking that maybe this story would have come across better if there was more time to really delve into Dorianís past, and gave a clearer picture of who he was as a creature of the dark. Readers who are okay with a story that leaves a few unanswered questions will still find Delicious Darkness interesting and titillating enough to enjoy.


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