Come As You Are by Amy J. Fetzer
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: (10) 0-7582-1657-2; (13) 978-0-7582-1657-1
Reviewed by Sabella



Logan Chambliss is the leader of Dragon One and their last mission has left Logan feeling torn up as one of the dead players was someone from Logan’s past.  Now he is home trying to put everything in perspective and ruthlessly searching for the man responsible for the deaths of innocent people.  When General Joe McGill shows up on his doorstep asking Dragon One to take a highly risky mission to rescue a man Logan despises, Logan accepts after some not-so-gentle persuasion from the General.  However, once Dragon One has landed in Venezuela, the op zone, they encounter plots within plots within plots that lead to Logan discovering that a woman he thought dead is very much alive and right in the middle of Dragon One’s very messy operation.

Tessa Carlyle has been living a fairly peaceful life as a location scout for the National Geographic Society.  However, she has been living with a secret that could destroy her carefully constructed world—she is supposed to be dead.  A phone call in the middle of the night suddenly pulls Tessa back into the world she thought she had left behind eleven years ago when she faked her death, but will Tessa be able to survive this sudden plunge into the dangerous world of espionage and black ops? Especially when she meets Logan again?

Come As You Are is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure into the political quagmire and the jungles of Venezuela.  Ms. Fetzer weaves a wonderfully complex tale that will have you second guessing who the good guys really are until the very end while keeping her characters jumping from the frying pan and into the fire and keeping you turning the pages to find out what’s going to happen next.  Logan is a wonderfully flawed character who will capture your interest from the first page with his combination of vulnerability, Alpha-maleness and take charge attitude.  Tessa is a great heroine with her steely spine and upbeat attitude that carries her through some of the most difficult times a person can face.  One of the most interesting things about Come As You Are is the uncompromising view it takes on politicians and their clandestine maneuverings and how small actions by a single person can have far-reaching ripple effects and still deliver a nicely wrapped HEA for Tessa and Logan.  Pick up Come As You Are for a truly magnetic read that will transport you to a world where bullets fly, plots and counter-plots and romance rule the day.


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