All Lycanís Eve by KyAnn Waters
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419913822
Reviewed by Indy



Forty, divorced and in mad need of a night of pure unadulterated pleasure Callie Jones, with the prodding of a close friend, decides to take a chance. When she mistakenly receives an email inviting her to a Halloween party sure to be brimming with hot young studs Callie decides against her better judgment to attend. A one night stand with a stranger is just what she needs, someone hot, virile and a little bit rough. Kean Phelan an alpha male to his pack knows he needs to settle down but a night with some human escorts will help knock off the edge that comes with the full moon. He doesnít expect to find his mate at the party and heís willing to kill if thatís what it will take to keep Callie safe.

Sometimes Iím in the mood for a story that is light, sexy but still a bit gritty. All Lycanís Eve was just what I needed on a wet, dreary fall day. Callie and I must be soul sisters considering the closeness in age and the dire need of a big O. LOL; All jokes aside KyAnn Waters wrote a story that was fun but still dramatic. The coming together of Callie and Kean was animalistic (no pun intended) and the chaos that came with their mating added plenty of enduring thrills. I look forward to seeing if Mrs. Waters will continue the sexual exploits of this randy pack because I can only imagine what a hand full Callieís friend will turn out to be and she so deserves her own story.


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