Accidentally Yours by Susan Mallery
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-77205-6
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kerri Sullivan is looking for a miracle.  Her son Cody is dying from a deadly progressive disease and the doctor who was just days away from finding a cure no longer has the lab or the funds to continue his research.  A mother who refuses to give up, Kerri hatches a plan to ask Nathan King to donate the money needed to again finance the scientific labs with personnel and equipment so a cure for her sonís disease can be found.  Since his son died of the same disease, Kerri just knows Nathan will help her.  She couldnít be more wrong.

Nathan King could care less about Kerri or her requests.  He just wants to get the county commission to fund the dynamic and very expensive condos he is trying to get approval for.  He does not have time to be a bleeding heart for some kid he does not know, nor does he care to know.  Nathan refuses Kerriís plead of help.  In a truly cold fashion, he firmly denies Kerri and vows to make her pay for embarrassing him in the public eye.  But like a true male, he has absolutely no idea the power of a motherís love. 

Nathanís character made me hate him at first. I thought he was insensitive and mean.  Wanting to shake him more times than I can count, I had to make myself see things from his point of view.  When I did that, I began to fall in love with the complex man who was Nathan King.  As for Kerri Sullivan, her fortitude and never-give-up attitude kept me from becoming too morose.  Her faith was never ending and if I could be half the mother she was, I would be a fine mother indeed.

Grab the tissues because Accidentally Yours is nothing if not a tear jerker.  Tearing up more times than if I was cutting onions, I just calmly wiped my eyes and kept reading.  Throughout the entire book, I was never sure whether the miracle that Kerri needed would happen, but I still couldnít put Accidentally Yours down.  Susan Mallery has taken emotion to a new level with Accidentally Yours and while it was a very tough book to read, it was also astonishingly wonderful. 


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