Yours for the Night by Jasmine Haynes

Berkley HEAT

Erotic Compilation/Contemporary

ISBN: 9780425229996

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




“The Girlfriend Experience”

Marianna Whitney knows that the customer always comes first. Literally.  She enjoys what she does, but lately has been looking for something more.  The first lesson of being a courtesan is to never fall for the client.  Marianna knows this rule is non-negotiable, yet she can’t help it.  Chase is everything beautiful in a man and the fact that he is her john doesn’t mean a thing to Marianna.  She is going to take this relationship to its limit and the results are a romantic, true love that rocks both their worlds.

Chase and Marianna’s relationship starts out with a bang and never lets up.   Both were a bit scared to allow the other into their lives, but the emotional intensity and arousal was there for them and they took full advantage of it!  “The Girlfriend Experience” was one electrifying novella!



Dominique Lawe is forty-five years old and suddenly single. Left for a much younger woman after supporting her husband for years, Dominique becomes a courtesan in order to show her ex-husband just how desirable she is.  Every action, touch, and breath is done with the intent to make him pay and it isn’t until Gabriel that Dominique realizes that what she thought was essential no longer is.  The only important thing should be Dominique and Gabriel – it takes her a while to realize this as well as to trust Gabriel.  The result is fabulous and fiery hot!

Dominique is like any woman scorned.  She is out for revenge and refuses to allow anything to stop her.  She doesn’t expect the feelings Gabriel invokes in her and she really doesn’t see herself falling in love – which she does.  Only this time she has a wonderful man who loves her unconditionally.   The ending for “Payback” was great – I almost had given up on Dominique coming around.  Gabriel, on the other hand, had my heart from the get go.


“Triple Play”

Noelle St. James has been divorced more than once and often finds herself bored in normal relationships.  That is why being a courtesan is so easy for her – she loves sex and she loves variety.  The more the merrier is a word in Noelle’s book, especially after she meets her new client, Dax.  Dax gets off on watching the woman he is dating make love with other men.  He likes to watch and he likes to command the entire sexual act down to kisses, touches, and emotions.  Meeting Noelle St. Clair is like meeting the other half of his soul because in Noelle he has found a kindred spirit and someone who loves sex as much as he does. 

“Triple Play” was not my favorite of the three novellas.  I found the relationship between Noelle and Dax difficult to understand –  not to say that it wasn’t realistic, because it was. I just couldn’t have done what Noelle agreed to do and I know for sure I would have never been able to allow my lover to give me freely to someone else.  Dax and Noelle worked perfectly together and their ability to stay in tune with the other, even while experiencing sexual gratification, is a sight to behold!


Yours for the Night by Jasmine Haynes is an exceptional assemblage of three erotic and emotional novellas.  Each story, with its own hero and heroine, was well written, intense, and smoldering hot in its own way.  That is what I liked best about this outstanding novel – I was treated to three different but interlocking stories that made me blush, sweat, and sigh in delight.  Jasmine Haynes is a favorite author of mine for this very reason – she makes me feel emotions and joy with every novel she writes.


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