Yes No Maybe by Emma Hillman


Ménage Erotica

ISBN: 1449534775

Reviewed by Gianna




In an effort to spice up their relationship pro football player Kevin McIntyre asks his wife, Mia, to create a list of sexual acts she would like to try out. When Mia completes the list Kevin does everything possible to see that her fantasies come true, including enlisting the help of his friends. When things get complicated will their love survive the fantasy?

Yes No Maybe is the sequel to Location, Location, Location by Emma Hillman. Although it can be read as a standalone book I think you can get a clearer picture of the relationship between Kevin and Mia by reading Location, Location, Location first. After several years of marriage Mia seems to have lost the carefree passion and confidence that she exuded in the first book and Kevin tries to reignite that by making a list of fantasies that they can experience together. They have a lot of fun for the first few fantasies that they try out, but when other people come into play things get out of control real quick. Mia is almost seriously hurt because of that and Kevin blames himself immensely. Ms. Hillman carefully captured the fragile balance that a woman’s confidence can be. At first I was confused by the sudden change in Mia’s character then I realized how fragile one’s emotions can be. Kevin reassures her and eventually their marriage is solidified. Like any good book there is one character whose future is unresolved, but we can always hope that it gets worked out in the next book.


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