Woman in Chains by Bridget Midway

Loose Id

Multicultural; BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59632-696-5

Reviewed by Indy




As a member of S.A.F.E. Dak Ricci is tasked with saving submissives in relationships with Doms who cross the line of discipline into abuse. Ready to get out of the business Dak takes on one last job to save a woman who goes by the name “This Slave”.

Brea Oliphant knows she warrants all the abuse her Master gives her and the last thing she needs is to be kidnapped by some brawny do gooder with a super hero complex. Now all she has to do is find a way to get away from Dak and back to a Master who’s able to give her everything she deserves.

Breaking all the rules to help Brea “Rebekah” understand that a Dom/submissive relationship is about trust, caring and discipline is something Dak will do if it means saving Rebekah from the same pain his last sub experienced at the hands of this same rogue Master.

Dak knows it’s immoral to get involved with a Save but Rebekah’s beautiful brown eyes, gorgeous skin and turbulent personality are just too much for him to resist.

Having read a few BDSM novels I was really interested in how Woman in Chains would tell the story of an abused submissive without placing a stigma on a world that is sometimes misunderstood. Rebekah and Dak’s love affair is anything but vanilla. Starting with a victim/savior relationship to one that turned hot and heavy as Dak works at retraining Rebekah on the way a master/sub relationship really should work.

The baggage that they both bring to the table is actually what makes them work as a couple. Dak, the tortured soul still upset over the loss of his last submissive and his desire to fulfill a lifelong dream. Rebekah, a military brat, brought up in an abusive home that drives her into a world where her perception of what she deserves is off kilter because of her past.

Chapter after chapter, lesson after lesson I felt as if I was getting a personal tutorial into a world where sometimes pain is pleasure but it doesn’t have to be torture. I take my hat off to Bridget Midway for telling an engaging tale that is sizzling and sexy but really emotionally engaging. I look forward to some additional works from this author in the BDSM genre because she has the creative edge needed to keep me as a reader captivated.


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