Wolf Flight by Vivian Arend

Granite Lake Wolves, Book 2

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-683-9

Reviewed by Tanya




Tad Maxwell has turned into a work alcoholic over the years.  This helps to not only keep his business in the air but to keep his inner werewolf in check.  He is struggling with what it would take to let his werewolf out.  Since his nature is latent and must be triggered.  Knowing it can only be triggered by sex with another wolf, and he doesnít want to just have sex to trigger the wolf.  So his human and werewolf side seem to be in constant opposites of each other.

When the one woman he has always loved suddenly reappears in his life, he resigns himself to never triggering the wolf as he canít get her out of his mind.  But he doesnít know that Missy is also a wolf and wants Tad to help her escape a cruel future.

Now Tadís dilemma has taken on another possibility, is Missy just using him or might she be his life mate?  The part of him that has always loved Missy will do what it takes to keep her safe and sort everything else out later.

Wolf Flight is an interesting second story in the Granite Lake Wolves series and while it is dynamically different than the first it is still a fun read. I have to say that I was not drawn in from the start as I was with the first in this series I still enjoyed it.  I love that the two characters care for each other but are each afraid to go too far as they are both hiding their wolf selves.  But, in the end sometimes you are meant to wait so that you will appreciate what you have.  I had fun reading Wolf Flight and think others will also.


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