Winter Kiss by Deborah Cooke

Dragonfire, Book 4

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 9780451228437

Reviewed by Jo




Delaney Shea is unlike any of the other Pyr.  He was mortally injured and then brought back to life by being forced to drink the Dragon’s Blood Elixir, which made him a shadow dragon.  Delaney’s road back to the Pyr has been long, hard and ended up with Delaney not trusting himself around the other Pyr and their mates.  He has separated himself from the others and is on a mission that will most likely end his life – to destroy Magnus and the Elixir for good.  Delaney is highly surprised when his firestorm arrives, but when he meets his mate, Delaney is ready to fulfill his destiny.

Ginger Sinclair knows nothing about the sexy man that barged into a private party, but in a small amount of time Ginger knew that she must have this man.  The sparks that appeared between them, Ginger first strikes it up to magic and too much drinking at the party she was attending.  After one spectacular night of sex Ginger is surprised to find Delaney not only missing from her bed but from her house.  Ginger is miffed to say the least and decides that she is not going to let him whisk in and out of her life that fast.  Ginger decides to go after her man and she knows just how to do it.

Delaney is trying to complete his self-appointed mission when all heck breaks loose and to top it off Ginger is suddenly in the room with him.  No dragon is going to hurt his mate while there is breath in his body, so Delaney gets them both out of there.  His Pyr friends join the fight and Delaney learns he isn’t on his own after all.  However it is quickly discovered that something is wrong with Delaney and his body is changing.  Just what was done to him while he was injured and captured?  Ginger knows a good man or dragon when she meets one – Delaney is one.  Ginger knows that Delaney is determined to fulfill his mission of honor but she needs to find a way to make him understand that surviving and coming back to her is the only way to end his mission.

Can a firestorm mating show a dragon on a suicide mission the way home?  Winter Kiss gives Delaney his fated mate, even when he believes he is beyond redemption to the Pyr.  Ginger has no idea that dragons really exist but she knows a sexy and undeniable man when she meets one.  Delaney is on his way to destroy an enemy and his elixir when his firestorm hits and draws him into a bar and to the glorious redhead.  Delaney had my heart back when he was rescued from the Academy and I could not have predicted a better mate for him than Ginger.  They go head to head several times but I could see the great love that was just beneath it all.  Watching Ginger and Delaney find a way to cure him and have their future together made Winter Kiss an instant favorite.  The action packed plotline combined with an even better romance tells me that I will be re-reading Winter Kiss many times.


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