What Happens in Vegas by Jenna Byrnes

Noble Romance Publishing

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60592-047-4

Reviewed by Lisa




Fitzroy and Associates sends three of their lawyers to a seminar in Vegas that turns into a learning experience nobody saw coming.  Steve Elliott, Jake Stewart and newcomer Dylan Landry land in Sin City simply as co-workers and depart after an eye opening adventure they won’t soon forget.  Ulterior motives and killer secrets make Vegas a place Steve, Dylan, and Jake will always remember.

A trip to Sin City becomes a life altering event for characters in the sexually charged and engaging tale of What Happens in Vegas.  Sensual encounters against a Vegas backdrop followed by suspense and death threats build realistic tension in What Happens in Vegas.  The characters are believable; the storyline is interesting, culminating in an exciting climax.  What Happens in Vegas is very entertaining and totally enjoyable.


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