What a Queen Wants by Bella Andre

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419925764

Reviewed by Shayna




As Queen of Magonia, Elizabeth Orleans has been taught never to show emotion, which is why she loves sex.  Itís the only time she can release whatever tension or anxiety she carries.  But lately even the men she employs to fulfill her desires are leaving her wanting more.  Then she meets Gavin Court who insults her in the middle of her own courtroom.  Heís arrogant and rude, but he also sparks her lust in ways she never imagined.  Itís going to be an all-out battle in the bedroom, but Elizabeth knows that Gavin is exactly the man to give her everything she wants.

Sex is the name of the game in this lust-fest by Bella Andre.  What a Queen Wants starts out interesting, but sadly fizzles with its charactersí one-dimensionality.  I wanted to like Elizabeth and Gavin; truly, I did.  But I could neither like them enough to cheer for them or dislike them enough to make them interesting.  I couldnít see what drew Gavin to Elizabeth (other than the size of her chest) or what Elizabeth saw in Gavin (other than the fact that he was well-endowed and could hurt her if he pleased).  Ms. Andre hints that thereís a deeper emotional connection between the pair, but I failed to see it.  I normally enjoy Ms. Andreís work, so I searched for something in What a Queen Wants I could enjoy, but sadly this story was not for me.


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