Until The End of Time by Shawn Lane

At Long Last, Book 2

Amber Allure

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-551-5

Reviewed by Ley




Scott and Preston have been together for few months now, but Scott is still unsure of where he stands with Preston.  Preston tells him he wants him in his life, however he has yet to tell the people around him, except for his ex-wife, that he and Scott are a couple.

The strain of being Prestonís dirty little secret may soon become unbearable for Scott when Preston again denies a chance to tell his parents the truth about his secret life.

Until the End of Time is a nice follow-up to At Long Last Love.  Scott is still the sweet trusting guy that was introduced to us in the first book, my whole reason for enjoying it.  Unfortunately Preston is still unsure of how to face the world as a gay man and I hated how that made Scott feel. There are some great moments in this story where Preston redeems himself to me that made me very happy with the outcome of this story.  I still think Shawn Lane has a lot more story to tell where these two guys are concern. I love the direction they are heading in now and would look forward to reading more.  For those who read and enjoyed At Long Last Love, Until the End of Time is a must read.


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