Under the Law by J.P. Bowie


Audio Book

Contemporary Male/Male

ISBN: 978-1-907280-99-3

Reviewed by Jo




Peter Buchanan is a Scotsman who moved to London in order to pursue his dream of working in a West End play.  Right now Peter is at least one of the lucky ones, successful enough to have an agent, and have work in clubs until he gets a job in a play.  Peterís daily grind is a bit grueling but he meets interesting people and can pay the bills.  Plus, he has time during the day to make auditions.  One night Peter gets to his first performance to find it crowded with celebrating police.

John Reed is celebrating his promotion to Inspector with some of the guys from his precinct.  Good friends and good times are being had when he notices a guy who just came in.  John discovers that good-looking guy is the next performer.  A drink later, Peter more than piques Johnís interest.

Peter and John have amazing and immediate chemistry, however, it seems that Peterís family, Johnís job, and Murphyís law are going to make them work at any type of relationship they might have.  Peter and John havenít had all that much time to discuss all the important things in their lives when Peter sees something that might end their relationship before it even gets a chance to get started. 

Under the Law is an erotic visit when Peter and John meet and discover what they will mean to each other.  Peter is pretty easy going, except when it comes to his family and profession.  Then he is all business.  John is sterner because of his job, but he knows how to relax and have a good time.  When the misunderstandings happened I was very happy to see that Peter found a way to ask and John answered directly.  After everything that had happened to them in such a short time, I believed they deserved their happy ending.

 I have to admit that I wondered if listening to an erotic book would have the same type of punch as reading one.  I discovered that it totally depends on the writer and the narrator.  Luckily, J.P. Bowie is a good and detailed author and the narrator was able to express the work so I could feel it.  Under the Law is a hot and erotic way to spend a couple of hours.


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