Uncorked by Andrew Grey

Sequel to Bottled Up

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Romance

ISBN: 978-1-61581-298-1

Reviewed by Cassie




As a teen, Bobby Bielecki was adopted by Sean, the gay owner of a wine store.  Bobby manages to put his horrible childhood behind him and make a new life, with his art and school.  In high school, he spends all his time with his best friend, Kenny.  When it is time for them to go to college, though, Kenny pushes Bobby away.  Bobbyís excited when Sean calls to ask him to mind the wine shop with Kenny while Sean and his partner go on vacation.  Hoping they can regain their former closeness, Bobby agrees.

Kenny had his reasons for pushing Bobby away, and in his mind nothing has changed.  Spending time with Bobby at the store is great, but difficult, as his old feelings come back.  Will working together to solve a mystery at the store bring Bobby and Kenny together again?

Uncorked is a sweet tale of two young men who have had tough lives finding a home in each other.  Bobby is a caring, devoted friend who would do anything for those he loves.  Despite a terrible childhood that made him old beyond his years in some ways, he still has an innocence that gets him hurt at times.  Kenny tends to think of others ahead of himself too, to the extent of pushing Bobby away in an attempt to help him.  Watching them fumble their way back to each other was sweet.  The mystery angle isnít terribly mysterious, but it provides a good way for Bobby and Kenny to work together, and the resolution is interesting.  A lot of the characters from Bottled Up make appearances here, which is nice.  The point of view is sometimes uneven and isnít balanced between Bobby and Kenny, and there are a few things that are resolved way too easily, but the characters in Uncorked were likeable and engaging enough to keep me reading on to see what would happen next.


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