Twilight by Anya Bast

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal / Ménage

ISBN: 9781419924460

Reviewed by Jo




Nico and Dai are Mages of the Triad and as such they are two of the three points of their personal triad.  They have been hunting for their third member for several years, but so far all they know is that it’s a woman and for some reason, she thrust away her magick.  Time isn’t on their side as they are the last triad that hasn’t combined yet and if it doesn’t happen soon, darkness will last forever on their world.  Nico and Dai took on holding her magick until they could return it to her, fulfill their destiny, and complete the prophecy.  Neither knows what happened to make their third shove away her magick, but they know that with their love and care she will be whole and they will be a true triad.

Twyla has never had an easy life and after an attack that killed her mother, she has had to keep moving to survive.  Finally, she has found a place that feels like home to Twyla.  With a cottage, food, and the woods, Twyla is hoping to stay in this place for a long time in peace.  That is until the night when two very handsome men approach and tell Twyla she’s a mage and also a part of their triad.  Even more surprisingly, they are holding her magick and want to return it to her.  Twyla is attracted to them, but after her experiences will she ever be able to trust Nico and Dai enough to become part of their triad, and more importantly, will she find a way to love and be loved?

Can love happen when one part of your triad as been horribly abused?  Twilight let me discover the answer to that very question.  Twyla thrust away her magick,  wanting no part of it because she believes it caused horrible things to happen.  Nico and Dai came together as friends, then became lovers and have searched long and hard to find Twyla to become a whole triad.  I was horrified when I discovered just what happened to Twyla and really wasn’t sure if even Nico and Dai’s loving care would be able to heal her.  However, love can work miracles when given the chance.  I enjoyed watching Nico, Dai and Twyla discover that exact thing.  I really loved the sensuality when Nico and Dai showed Twyla just how to love, and especially when they finally came together.  Twilight will make your heart ache while it fills you up with a sensual love.


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