Trouble with the Law by Tatiana March

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Shayna




When Justine Whitmore comes back to the inn she’s staying at after a wedding, it’s bad luck that she can’t find her key to get in.  Things go from bad to worse when an attempt to get into her room gets her arrested – for soliciting!  Justine’s luck takes a turn for the better when a night that begins badly ends with pleasure in the arms of the local sheriff.  She never expects to hear from the sexy Mark Taylor again, but when a crazy busybody files a complaint that threatens Mark’s career and Justine’s reputation, the two pretend a whirlwind romance to protect both.  But when their fake love story starts to feel all-too-real, Justine and Mark have to figure out if they can make it work between a small-town sheriff and a big-city PR exec.

Break out the handcuffs and prepare for a sexy good time with Trouble with the Law.  Tatiana March uses a spot of trouble to throw together two people perfect for each other that might never have otherwise given each other a chance.  Both Mark and Justine are extremely likeable characters and part of the fun of Trouble with the Law was watching them figure out they have more in common than they think.  Each has issues from their past that make them wary of becoming involved with one another, but irresistible attraction has a way of breaking through their barriers.  The only issue I had with this story was that it ended abruptly (as in, I checked twice to make sure that it ended where it did indeed end).  Even a few pages more would have given Trouble with the Law a more finished feel.  Still, I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more of Ms. March’s stories.


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