Triple Threat by Mia Varano

Three Kinds of Wicked Series, Book 5

e-Red Sage

Paranormal Erotic Romance, Ménage à Trois

ISBN: 978-1-60310-382-4

Reviewed by Klarissa




Brandy Tate is a woman running for her life.  After witnessing a murder by Vinnie “The Voice” Caprese, she knows he's after her to silence her.  She must get away from Las Vegas as quickly as possible, because there's no way she'd go into The Witness Protection program.  When her car stalls after her quick exit on a deserted stretch of road, she is shocked to discover the FBI agent assigned to her case hiding in her trunk.  He plans to talk her into returning with him so she can testify, but Brandy wants no part of that.  Even though Ridge Coltrane attracts her like no other, she still refuses to return with him back to Las Vegas.  However, fate has other plans for them both as they are rescued off the road by a Harley driving dark angel.  Trey is mysterious, extremely sexy, and has a painful past.  Trey helps Brandy and Ridge find what they want and what they need from each other.

Triple Threat is sexy, touching and exciting!  I got a little confused with how quick Brandy got intimate with Trey, but in the end it really worked out great for the three of them.  The characters are well written and the other secondary characters, although few, are also.  The storyline hooked me from the start and with each new paragraph I couldn't wait to read more. Trey is one mystery I can't wait to read more about.


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