Toys for Trish by Celia Kyle

Madame Periwinkle’s Erotic Delights

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-878-4

Reviewed by Shayna




After hearing her boss claim he’d like “a ride on the two-ton Trish train,” Trish has a choice to make.  Either she can bludgeon her boss to death with a stapler or she can get even and get a new job.  Going with the option that keeps her out of jail, Trish’s grand exit proves not to be the most convenient one when she has to carry all her stuff home.  When she spies Madame Periwinkle’s Erotic Delights, Trish decides to pop into the store and see if the proprietor will give her a box to carry her stuff.  Handing her a box, the curious Madame Periwinkle promises that everything from her store comes with a little something “extra.”  Lucky for Trish, when she literally bumps into Mark, her best friend from college, it’s not long before she discovers exactly what Madame Periwinkle meant.

Celia Kyle adds extra heat to a lovely reunion romance in the charming Toys for Trish.  Trish and Mark are two people fated to be together, but were kept apart once by the machinations of others.  Trish is sassy, likeable, and human in her vulnerability.  It’s a good thing that Mark won’t let her reticence to be in a relationship with him that has been brought about by Trish’s insecurities stand in the way of his wooing her.  Ms. Kyle always pens lively characters, and the protagonists of Toys for Trish are no exception, making this tale a delight to read from beginning to end.


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