Torrid Hunger by Tawny Taylor

Twilight’s Possession, Book 4

Ellora's Cave

Paranormal M/F/M - BDSM

ISBN: 9781419924163

Reviewed by Lisa




At last the day has come when Eden York can repay a huge favor her friend Nate De Vries did for her several years ago.  Eden needs to find a man named Kaden Setara and get a mystery medicine called Eclipse for him.

The Sons of Twilight are a race of vampires living side by side with the human race. Kaden Setara is their king.  Every year for a full week’s time, vampires form a blood-bond with one of their own and a human.  This is the situation Eden unknowingly walks into as she tries to help her friend.

Another of the Sons is Pierce Barcola, vampire and master Dom in the king’s dungeon.  This year Kaden picks Pierce to join him along with Eden for the blood-bond.  Pierce has earned a reputation of never using the same partner twice.  Secretly however, he has lusted for Kaden year after year.

They come together sexually, yet their thoughts are far apart.  Eden is there because of the bribe of Eclipse. Pierce desires a bond with Kaden who closed his heart off long ago when he was betrayed by another.  As the days pass however, the trio realizes that the heart and the head need to be on the same page for the bond to truly matter.  While they try to figure things out between them another is planning a trap which could spell death to more than one.

Torrid Hunger heats up the pages in this sexy ménage a trios tale.  This is the fourth story in the Twilight Possession series, easily understood on its own merit.  Torrid Hunger is a character driven plot that highlights emotionally scarred, imperfect beings looking for forgiveness and happiness.  Kaden and Pierce carry heavy baggage while Eden, the human, actually seems the most evolved.  There are some surprises, plus twists and turns, as well as an ending that left me somewhat unsatisfied.  Having said that, Torrid Hunger is a decadent pleasure – a sensual journey tied up in a master’s bonds and sealed with passion.


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