TLC 101 by Janey Chapel

Dreamspinner Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-232-5

Reviewed by Nannette




Sports psychologist Kip Rigsbee and defensive coordinator Greg Browne work for the same football team. Kip wishes they played on the same team outside of work, too. When Greg has an accident and turns to Kip for help, Kip takes advantage of the situation and shows Greg how he feels about him.

Gregís seemingly irrational fear at the hospital is baffling at first. The reason is sort of glossed over. I love his gruff and tough personality, though. Heís all grunts and shrugs. Heís a real manís man. I loved learning about Kipís family story. The quiet confidence he has comes from his loving, accepting background. Because Kip and Greg have known each other for a while in a professional way their somewhat rushed personal relationship works and feels natural. TLC 101 is a great beginning for Greg and Kip. I wish it were longer or there were more to look forward to from these two charismatic men.


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