Through the Woodwork by Tara S. Nichols



ISBN: 1-60601-3149

Reviewed by Tanya




Set in the 1930’s you follow Benji a scarred farmhand for a family with a mischievous middle daughter, Molly.  Benji was in fact scarred on the farm during an accident.  What Benji doesn’t know is that Molly has been silently drawn to him for years but thinks that since he doesn’t show her the same flirtatious side as some of the other hands have that he doesn’t like her that way.

Benji has a side hobby; he is an artist and his favorite subject is Molly.  The only thing is that Molly is unaware of his drawings until one afternoon when she finds them by accident.  Now she is going to set out to find her secret admirer, secretly hoping it is Benji.

What will happen when love letters lead to an amazing encounter through the barn wall?  And what tricks does Molly have up her sleeve?

I found Through the Woodwork to be a very sweet story with an added spice at the end.  I loved how Ms. Nichols was able to paint the mental picture of the loving but shy Benji so that there was nothing I wanted more than to see him get the girl.  I think for those who like an old fashioned story with a sexy twist at the end then you need to pick up Through the Woodwork.


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