Three Wrong Turns in the Desert by Neil Plakcy

Loose Id

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60737-436-7

Reviewed by Lisa




A case of mistaken identity propels ESL teacher Aiden Greene into an unbelievable adventure.  Aiden is suffering from a broken heart after his lover of ten years basically tosses him out.  Years ago Aiden travelled the globe, this time heís mending his heart and starting over again at a teaching job in Tunisia.

At the other end of the spectrum is Liam McCullough.  Heís an ex-military, ex-SEAL who has chosen to live permanently in Tunisia.  To make ends meet Liam hires himself out as a bodyguard or courier.  Liam would have been comfortable staying with his SEAL team until the Ďdonít ask, donít tell phrase pretty much caught him on a bad day and shot down his military career several years ago.

The two men meet in a small bar with Liam believing that Aiden is the courier heís been hired to protect.  Aiden has his own somewhat innocent reasons for being there.  By coincidence or luck Aiden resembles the lost courier and takes his place.  A mysterious set of numbers and a password are entrusted to Liam and Aiden which leads them from city to town to the desert with cutthroats and killers on their trail.  While Liam and Aiden dodge danger they begin to learn that love can be found in the most peculiar places if you open your eyes and look.

Thrills, adventure, and romance are there for the taking in Three Wrong Turns in the Desert.  From start to finish, Three Wrong Turns in the Desert relies on intriguing characterization and fascinating descriptive narration throughout the story.  Highly competent loner Liam reminds Aiden that he can think for himself, at the same time Aiden shows Liam that itís okay to care for another, even a man.  There are interesting twists and turns on this lengthy Desert journey, but by and large it is the blossoming romance between Liam and Aiden that struck a real note with me.  Three Wrong Turns in the Desert is a full bloom love story with sweat, sand and two hot men.


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