The Warderís Elf by Viola Grace

The Warders, Book 7

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-393-7

Reviewed by Tanya




Alora knows that it is her destiny to step forward and fulfill her ancestorís promise to become a bride to a Dark Elf lord.  She knows it is time to step up when her cousin is grabbed by Caldur at a party.  She does just that and finds that she is attracted to Cladur but thinks that his time with Alora while platonic, will keep him from desiring her.  She has always felt the pale comparison to her cousin.  But what she didnít count on was that Caldur would be attracted to her and her to him.

What Alora finds is not only a man who thinks she is beautiful in her own right but one who seems to be her perfect mate.  Additionally, he seems to be able to trigger her magic which has largely been inaccessible through her, and her relatives, history.  With his help, the Magic of the Warders would come again to Realm.

Due to her family history, Caldur is afraid that Alora will run so he does not trust her, which might further drive them apart.  But time can heal many wounds.

The Warderís Elf is a tough review for me to write.  If this was the first Viola Grace book I had read I would say it was fantastic.  But, as a long time fan of hers, I felt The Warderís Elf was unfinished.  I ended reading by saying to myself, ďThis is it? What do you mean I am done already?  What happens to them moving forward? Huhn.Ē  So while it was a well written short I didnít think it does the author justice if this is the only work you will read of hers.  So, while it is a good story, donít start with The Warderís Elf, pick up another of Ms. Graceís stories first.


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