The Nature of the Beast by Ciarra Sims

Changeling Press

Fantasy, Horror

ISBN: 978-1-60521-220-3

Reviewed by Lisa




The Gentak Corporation has implemented a mandatory weekend retreat at Camp Arikaree for a group of their female employees.  The womenís positions at Gentak range from up and coming executives to administrative assistants.

What follows next for the very diverse group of women will become the stuff of nightmares for some, an altered existence for others and death for a few more.

Future executives Hillary and Dimitra and assistant Carol hike into the woods with their assigned groups early on their first day, never imaging what will happen to them next.  Once inside the forest they are met by beings escaped from Hell intent on impregnating the women with their demon seed.  The women also meet the Guardians who are there to protect and defend them.  No one will leave the forest unscathed Ė some will never leave at all while others are destined for an unimaginable horror.  Itís going to be a Hell of a weekend.

The Nature of the Beast is unlike any romance you could possibly imagine.  Author Ciarra Sims has built an intricate story with all that we would expect at Camp Arikaree and an entire other world as well.  Females are the focus in this tale, although there are a few male exceptions such as Alan and Gauron.  I canít say too much without giving up some of the surprises and twists.  The Nature of the Beast has several romances, loads of sex both normal and bizarre, plus it leaves an opening at the end for more tales to come.  The Nature of the Beast is a dark, brooding fantasy teetering on horror but I admit that I couldnít put it down.  I wanted to know what happened next with these intriguing characters.  The Nature of the Beast drags you into the tale and doesnít let go, ever.


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