The Marriage Ring by Cathy Maxwell

Scandals and Seductions, Book 3



ISBN: 978-0061771927

Reviewed by Shayna




The Honorable Richard Lynsted knows exactly the kind of woman he wants to marry: one who is well-bred, reserved, genteel, and most definitely not a Scottish actress intent on blackmailing his father.  In other words, his future wife will be the exact opposite of Grace MacEachin.  The “Scottish Songbird” may have all of London dangling after her charms, but Richard refuses to be swayed by Miss MacEachin’s looks when he listens to her ridiculous story about his father and uncle ruining her father’s life.  To prove her wrong, Richard agrees to accompany Grace to Scotland where he will hear what her father has to say.  It should have been a simple trip…

Grace doesn’t trust any man, but she is relieved when Richard Lynsted agrees to hear her father’s story.  She’s just one coach ride away from being reunited with her father and putting her past behind her.  Too bad that one coach ride is a long one, made interminable by the priggish man accompanying her.

But Richard isn’t as stuffy as he seems.  And Grace is more than just a beautiful woman.  And someone doesn’t want them to make it to Scotland alive.  With danger bringing two seemingly opposite people together, will Richard and Grace learn that they do, in fact, have more in common than they first believed?  Or will new fears and past hurts keep this newfound couple from taking their blossoming romance all the way to the altar?

Get ready for one of the sweetest, most charming romances of the year with The Marriage Ring.  Ever since Cathy Maxwell introduced the indomitable Grace MacEachin in In the Highlander’s Bed I’ve been waiting for Grace’s story.  To my great pleasure, The Marriage Ring was everything I could hope for.  Grace is still the strong, caring beauty I first grew attached to and she meets her match in Richard.  Richard may be a big bear of a man, but he’s got a soft heart.  Both he and Grace share a common yearning for approval and what I adored about their story was the two of them learning what really mattered in life and finding the acceptance they so sought where they least expected it – from one another.

The Marriage Ring is the third book in Ms. Maxwell’s Scandals and Seductions series but it stands all on its own.  Fans of Ms. Maxwell’s will likely delight, as I did, in the brief references to Nick (Richard’s cousin) and Fiona (Grace’s friend), who fell in love in the first Scandals and Seductions story, A Seduction at Christmas.  I finished The Marriage Ring utterly contented with Grace and Richard’s romance.  It was fast-paced, entertaining, and at times absolutely melted my heart. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Maxwell has in store for readers in her next sure-to-be-fabulous book!


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